Membership at Christ the King

We are glad you are exploring membership at Christ the King. While we want any and all - from the most committed to the only curious to visit our church, we do hope that all who make this church their home will become members of Christ the King.

We have four expectations for all members of this church. Some of these expectations are gradual and informal. Some of these expectations are clear and formal. 

  • A Family of Friends: Our first expectation is that every member will be a part of a group of friends with whom they can walk through life. It takes time, but with a little effort, but we are sure a little community that fits. You can find a list of our small group opportunities here.

  • A Place of Service: On one hand, the church is a volunteer lead organization that cannot continue with out the volunteerism of its members. We have volunteer training opportunities before the start of every quarter. On the other hand the church is a Spirit lead community and God has uniquely gifted the members of the church in order to lead the church in new initiatives. Many of our most significant ministries are the result of the initiative of its members. Whether it be a faithful and simple act of service, like serving on our "Breakdown team" or leading the church in a new initiative, we hope that all members of the church will have a place of service.

  • Regular in Worship: With sports schedules and work demands, attendance at worship will require more intentionality than before. Yet your participation in worship is important. Our time together on Sunday morning is equivalent to the "family meal:" a stable, consistent event that keeps our community tied together. 

  • A Confession of Faith: The aspects of membership mentioned above are gradual and informal. This last requirement is clear and formal. We ask that all members participate in a worship service in which each will  reaffirm their commitment to the  Christian Faith. This service is celebrated by a Bishop in our Communion and this service occurs twice a year, on Christ the King Sunday (late November) and the end of our program year (mid-June). This service is preceded by our membership course which runs for three consecutive Sundays.

We would love to speak with you further about membership at Christ the King. Please let our staff know if we can help in any way.