April 2019

Happy April Birthday to Ashley H, Peter S, Luke H, and Helen K.

Upcoming Events:

April 14: Palm Sunday, Kids sing at 10 am service (Nursery/Toddler care, no Children’s Church)

April 14: Stations of the Cross, 5 pm, Del Ray UMC (no childcare)

April 18: 7 pm, Maundy Thursday Service (no childcare)

April 19: 7 pm, Good Friday Tenebrae Service (no childcare)

April 21: Easter Sunday! 8:30 and 10 am Easter Service (Nursery/Toddler care, no Children’s Church)

April 28: Protecting God’s Children, contact Angela Haslett for info!

May 5: E&F Resumes

June 15-16: Save the Date! Father Daughter Camping Trip!

June 23: Bishop’s Visit and Picnic

Thank You!

As I believe you all know, my final day serving as Director of Children’s Ministry is Easter Sunday. I would be remiss not to use this newsletter/blog post as a chance to thank our parents and volunteers, but mostly, to thank our kids. Thank you to our kids for asking good questions. Thank you to our kids for serving not only each other, but our community. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms, but more importantly, for welcoming each child who walks through our doors. I know Jesus more because of our kids.

Love, Ms. Megan


Both Children’s Church and E&F are limited in April due to Holy Week. We will continue to look at the last days of Jesus’ life, and for Easter, we will of course turn to His Resurrection. This clip from Zondervan, from the Jesus Storybook Bible, will be part of our lesson at Children’s Church on April 7. It’s a great picture of the Resurrection, the surprise and God’s amazing rescue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfnhv5h0k4M

On Sundays when Children’s Church is not offered, please find coloring pages and busy bags with Bible stories near the Welcome Area for any kids who may need them. PreK students may also join their Toddler Room friends.

March Highlights

We learned about Judas selling out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver (kids were very divided on if that’s a lot!), we learned about the Last Supper, we learned about the betrayal in the Garden and Jesus’ response…. we’ve been mirroring the main sermon, so the good news is, parents, you are right on track with your kids! We also FINALLY have been blessed with sunny skies, so our kids have been able to enjoy time outside!

March 2019

Happy March Birthday to John A, Andrew D, Cole F, Ellie L, EmmaClaire L, Jackson L, SallyRose L, Alice R, Elena R, Alby T, and Susan S.

Welcome to our NEW Children’s Ministry Blog! This replaces our Monthly Newsletter and allows us to save past “issues".

Kids work together as Hungry Hippos.

Kids work together as Hungry Hippos.

Interested in helping with Children’s Ministry? Contact Megan Landmeier at mlandmeier@ctkalexandria to volunteer or David Glade at dglade@ctkalexandria.org to apply as our next Director of Children’s Ministry!

What have we been learning? Ask your kids who attend Children’s Church to teach you Romans 8:38-39. We have hand motions and a song. “For I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities, nor powers of things present, nor anything to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

A Family of Friends. One of our visions at CtK is for our church to function as a family of friends. For our kids, that includes playing together! Whether we are out on the playground, greeting one another with a silly game, or playing Human Hungry Hippos, I pray that all of our kids will feel like they are part of a family where they are valued. Forming this family of friends is one way that our kids demonstrate Christ’s love to each other.

Upcoming Events.

March 3: Combined E&F, PreK through 5th Grade

March 5: Pancake Supper, 6 pm, Lab Theater

March 6: Ash Wednesday Service, Noon and 7 pm. (Childcare not provided.)